IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad squadron

‘The Tangmere Pilots’ exist in the 1940’s as virtual squadrons and relive critical World War 2 aerial campaigns, flying both as Allied and Axis. Previously flying 'IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover' and currently enjoying the excellent 'IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad'.


Defend the Goths Head Line

Defend the Goths Head Line... We will be flying as Luftwaffe for this campaign, aiming to destroy Soviet storage and industrial sites. The squadron will be split into two and fly with mostly a fixed bomber (Ju-88s, Bf-110-G2s) and fighter contingent (Bf-109 G4s and G2s).


RAF Tangmere Pilots are recruiting

Want to have Fun Flying? Come and join us! We're a decent bunch of chaps. Be considered for an exhilarating rewarding, virtual career in the Tangmere Pilots. Read on and fill out the application form. We will get you on the official training program in an OTU unit in no time.

Our Tribute to the Few