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Flak and Searchlight Combo - Special Offer!

Prangster is the Resident Expert on Battle of Stalingrad mission designing and building. He will impart his great wisdom within the hallowed halls of this room.

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Flying Officer
Flying Officer
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Re: Flak and Searchlight Combo - Special Offer!

Post by Tigertooo » Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:45 pm

aaahhhhh, i see, now i i? could i? will i?
afraid not, ":trigger activate, trigger timer,translator,attack area".... you're talking chinese to me m8
Nevertheless in full admiration that you understand it, along with Prangster, Jacko and others i guess
Mirror,mirror on the wall,
Who is the best TP of them all?
"Thou are not Tiger, there's no doubt."
Euhh, well...roger that mirror,over and out.

"The Belgian Windbag"

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Wing Commander
Wing Commander
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Re: Flak and Searchlight Combo - Special Offer!

Post by Swallow » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:42 am

That's the thing, Tiger. You don't have to understand it! It's like the runway lights - you just plonk it down and if it's designed OK it'll work!

If it doesn't work, it's probably because it wasn't designed well.

So now, with the runway lights and these flak/searchlight stations, you can make a fully tooled-up airfield whereever you want!

(Haashashin's MP flak set-up, I've now discovered, is way cooler. Grrr. If his solution is like the iMac, mine is like the Amstrad 250.)

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