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Ops for new chaps

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Ops for new chaps

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once you complete OTU you will be assigned to a squadron and will receive a tactical number or marking. See here for details:

German - viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16724

VVS - viewtopic.php?f=88&t=16831

We almost always use custom skins created for us reflecting both the squadron we represent and the individual markings or tactical numbers These should all be downloaded from the Official downloads room which is here:


Please get all of them because we don't know when we might want the A3 skins for example, and if you do not have them there might be lag or warping issues as your pc downloads them.

On ops the form is as follows:

1. You will be told who you are flying with be it in a section or pair. Try to stick with your leader as much as possible as 2 pilots are far more effective than 1.

2. With the current system we spawn onto the runway in order. As long as you know who to spawn after that is enough e.g. if you are Moggy's wingman and he is 8th to spawn in, you will be the 9th to spawn in.

3. Take off is usually expressed as "left to right" and from front to back as that is how we appear when we spawn. So front left takes off first and the last to take off is the rear right.

4. If you die or crash or whatever please stay on comms so we can do the intel afterwards. If some mad fools are in aircraft with gunners feel free to go as their gunner for the remainder of the mission.

5. Don't shoulder shoot. Instead, take a position to cover whoever is attacking.

6. You are expected to know the aircraft we are using. Not having flown it before is not an excuse as you will always have at least a short window of time to get to grips with it, even if only at a basic level. Asking for nominal/combat/boost settings should not be needed and tends to reduce the confidence we have in each other.

Apart from that, once you are in Tangmere you are a full member with whatever rights and privileges that brings. You are also a target for humour if you do anything very very silly. :Biggrin You are absolutely invited to contribute however you feel you can, be it missions, hosting, organisation or whatever.

And finally, please bear in mind that Tangmere has been in existence for 15+ years and some of us have known each other for that long, or almost that long. Please do not feel excluded by anything relating to the olden times.
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